Most Dangerous Cities in North Carolina

Exploring the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in North Carolina.

North Carolina, known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities, also has its share of areas with higher crime rates.

For those concerned about safety, it’s essential to be aware of the cities with elevated levels of criminal activity.

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Let’s delve into the top 10 most dangerous cities in North Carolina.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in North Carolina

  1. Charlotte
  2. Fayetteville
  3. Durham
  4. Wilmington
  5. Greensboro
  6. High Point
  7. Goldsboro
  8. Rocky Mount
  9. Salisbury
  10. Winston-Salem

1. Charlotte

As North Carolina’s largest city, Charlotte also bears the unfortunate distinction of being its most dangerous.

With a population exceeding 800,000, Charlotte experiences a crime rate significantly higher than the state and national averages.

Violent crimes like homicides, robberies, and assaults are particularly prevalent, making caution a necessity in certain neighborhoods.

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2. Fayetteville

Home to the Fort Bragg military base, Fayetteville grapples with a high crime rate fueled partly by its transient population.

While the military presence contributes to the local economy, it also brings challenges related to crime, including property theft and violent offenses.

A picture of Fayetteville, North Carolina
Fayetteville, North Carolina/Image Credit: Shutterstock

3. Durham

Durham, known for its prestigious universities and research institutions, also faces issues related to crime.

Despite ongoing revitalization efforts in certain areas, parts of Durham continue to struggle with elevated crime rates, particularly in terms of violent crimes like shootings and assaults.

A picture of Durham, North Carolina
Durham, North Carolina/Image Credit: Shutterstock

4. Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount, situated between Raleigh and Greenville, contends with crime rates above the national average.

Economic struggles and limited opportunities contribute to the city’s crime-related challenges, highlighting the need for comprehensive strategies to address underlying issues.

5. Greensboro

As one of North Carolina’s largest cities, Greensboro presents a mix of vibrant neighborhoods and areas plagued by crime.

While efforts are underway to address social and economic disparities, residents should remain vigilant, especially in neighborhoods with higher crime rates.

A picture of Greensboro, North Carolina
Greensboro, North Carolina/Image Credit: Shutterstock

6. High Point

High Point, known for its furniture industry and biannual furniture market, also grapples with crime-related challenges.

Issues such as gang activity and drug trafficking contribute to the city’s elevated crime rates, necessitating proactive measures to ensure community safety.

A picture of High Point, North Carolina
High Point, North Carolina/Image Credit: Shutterstock

7. Goldsboro

Located in eastern North Carolina, Goldsboro faces socioeconomic challenges that contribute to its status as one of the state’s most dangerous cities.

Despite ongoing community initiatives aimed at reducing crime, residents should exercise caution, particularly in certain neighborhoods.

8. Wilmington

Situated along North Carolina’s coast, Wilmington attracts tourists with its picturesque beaches and historic charm.

However, the city also contends with a concerning level of criminal activity, including drug-related offenses and property crimes.

A picture of Wilmington, North Carolina
Wilmington, North Carolina/Image Credit: Shutterstock

9. Salisbury

While Salisbury boasts a rich history and cultural heritage, it also grapples with crime-related concerns.

Efforts to revitalize downtown areas and enhance community policing are underway, but residents should remain vigilant and take precautions to ensure personal safety.

10. Winston-Salem

Rounding out the list is Winston-Salem, a city known for its contributions to arts, culture, and innovation.

However, certain neighborhoods experience higher crime rates, necessitating collaboration between law enforcement and community stakeholders to address underlying issues effectively.

A picture of Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Winston-Salem, North Carolina/Image Credit: Shutterstock

Final Thoughts

While North Carolina offers many opportunities for residents and visitors alike, it’s essential to remain aware of the challenges posed by crime in certain cities.

By staying informed and taking proactive measures, individuals can help contribute to safer communities statewide.


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